A week-end in Granada

Granada has long been on my bucket list and I was looking forward to visit the Andalusian city which offers one of the most beautiful monument in the world, the Alhambra. It belongs to Granada like the Eiffel Tower to Paris and there is hardly anyone who leaves the city without having visited it. It’s considered the most beautiful monument of Moorish architecture and it is one of the most visited attraction in Europe.

We spend a day at the Alhambra. Check out our visit here.


Albaicín is one of the most beautiful areas of Granada. It is the oldest and most authentic part of Granada and is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You definitely should not leave Granada without taking a walk through Albaicín. It is known for its picturesque streets and white houses. Albaicín is located on a hill and gives you a perfect view of the Alhambra.

We started our walk at the Mirador de San Christobal  from where you have a beautiful view of the city. Here, you are at the highest point and it is very comfortable to walk downhill (and kids usually prefer) between the beautiful, white Andalusian houses. After 15 minutes walk you reach the mirador de San Nicolás, which is probably the most famous Mirador of Granada. At sunset, it attracts many tourists who enjoy the impressive view of the Alhambra.

Carrera del Darro

Our walk continues to the Paseo de los Tristes along Rio Darro. If you manage to arrive at sunset you can see the walls of the Alhambra, overlooking the paseo ,take the color red, which is a beautiful spectacle. Our walk goes further to the city center and ends in Plaza Isabel la Catolica.

*We suggest taking the bus to start the walk at the Mirador San Christobal. Bus Nr. C34 from Plaza Nueva (Ctra Murcia Stadium 47 – Col. Ave Mª San Christobal)

Catedral de Granada | Capilla Real

The historic center of Granada and the bustling heart of the city has many shops, restaurants, bars and attractions. The Alcaiceria district, south of the cathedral, originally sheltered a Moorish silk market under the Muslim domination of Granada. You can see Arab influences everywhere and it reminds how close Morocco is. You will find there many shops of Moroccan souvenirs with rather basic and cheap products. I rather recommend you to come here one evening and eat a delicious tajine or couscous. Kids love it!

In the center of Granada is situated Granada’s Renaissance Cathedral (Santa Maria de la Encarnación de Granada). After the Alhambra, the cathedral is the most important monument of Granada. With its unusual height, the cathedral is also very impressive from the inside. Right next to the Cathedral borders the Royal Chapel, called Capilla Real. Here are the mortal remains of many Spanish kings.

Tips: If you book online, you get a free entrance every Sunday from 15 to 17:45. In Capilla Real, it’s every Wednesday between 2.30pm and 6.30pm.

Tapas vs Tajin

I have heard a lot about the tradition of tapas in Granada. Tapas, like flamenco, were born in Andalusia and I couldn’t wait to try some. I did not really find the quality better compared to the tapas I have eaten in other places in Spain. But there is a small difference, we liked very much! The bars and restaurants offer tapas to guests when they order a drink. With every drink comes a different tapa and several rounds of drinks means a full meal can be had. It’s probably also a reason that the restaurants are always packed and very lively with a good mix of locals and tourists.

You can find our “Best Restaurant of Granada” list on the map below. And if you have eaten too much tapas, I can recommend the Moroccan restaurants in the Alcaiceria district. As Morocco is really just around the corner, the quality of the restaurants is very good and we can recommend it. Buen provecho!

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